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  • Are you busy enough to not spend your time reading Excel books?
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If the answer to any of the question above is ‘Yes’ then read on.

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I’ve taught Excel to thousands of people just like you

If you need Excel skills to get a job – but you’ve never used Excel before, I’ll get you up to speed quickly with my video course.  Anybody can do it in three hours or less.

Just about some years back I was struggling with learning MS Excel myself. I could not even build simple Pivot Tables, lookup formulas, leave aside any analysis.

After a lot of regular practice and hard work I now am an expert user. Also, I was able to find the technique and the crux of Excel which makes it very easy for anyone to learn Excel.

Now I am sharing this Excel Video tutorial course that will make sure you do not have to go through all that hard work and pain.

Following are some of the reasons why Excel Training can be a very important value addition in your professional life.

No Longer worry about the Bad economy.

Get a promotion or a better job.

Perform tasks faster and in an easy way.

The best way to learn Excel has always been a lot of practice like it is with any other computer software. However, unlike many other software Microsoft Excel is pretty easy and intuitive. In fact the latest version of Excel 2007 is very user friendly. If you simply work in Excel for 1 hour a day for next one year you will yourself be an expert level user of Excel. But that is too much of work, right?

The best way to learn Excel (and any software) is to see someone performing tasks and then you know what to do.

Let me explain you on what all is there in Excel to learn to get to the next level.

1) Learn about Excel Workbook Object Model

2) Learn about Excel Formulas and how to use them

3) Learn basic formatting, sorting, filtering and Pivot Tables.

That is it. Here is how it works. The basic workbook structure and object model is perhaps the most important element. In a nutshell an Excel sheet is a collection of various objects each object having its own properties. Imagine every Excel cell as a person in this World.

All of us are unique and have our own unique properties. When you know what is the structure of the sheet and the workbook, and you know what all properties you can change you will be able to use all functions, formulas and methods that are provided to perform tasks.

To make things easy I have come up with the Excel Training Video Course, the objective of this video series is to make learning Excel very easy for you. These Video tutorials are a result of a 20 years of collective experience of myself and my team.

And it covers all the topics here which should help you move on with Excel and become an intermediate level user of Excel. You would not want to read a lot of books to understand how to work on Excel, simply watch these videos and you should be good to go.

All Videos are compiled in the form of a complete Excel Training Video Course and carry the topics listed on the right. All topics are carefully selected so there is no information overload. The version used in these Training Videos is Excel 2007, however even if you are currently on other versions of Microsoft Excel, these Videos will still be good.

Special Bonuses

1) Mastering Excel VBA (Macros) – PDF – FREE take your Excel knowledge to the next level by learning Macros for Excel and do things faster. Available for free this exclusive eBook to help you learn VBA.

2) 100 most commonly used Excel Templates and formats.
Click here to see the list of Templates

3) Collection of Excel training resources these are linked to various resources and sites where you can find numerous MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) of Excel answering your questions in minutes.

And also with my 30 -day No Questions Asked Money-back Guarantee, there’s absolutely nothing to lose. You will get a refund within 48 Hours in case this product does not work for you. Give it a try and please, let me know if this training helps you get a better job or a promotion.

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Please note that this product is also available on a CD. You may choose from options on the order page. In any case the download link is sent to you immediately.

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