Have Blackberry provided by employer, am overwhelmed, what’s the best way to learn to use it?

I am not that tech-savvy, I know how to find stuff on the internet, basic skills with Microsoft Word and Excel and I muddle through using Outlook for email at work. Employer provided a Blackberry which I now MUST use for phone and email when away from office. I find it confusing…shows sent as well as inbound emails….need suggestions to learn how to use it most efficiently. Text messaging is not part of package but regular email is. For example when I delete an email on the Blackberry it’s still on my desk computer. Also it seems to me it dies quickly (only holds a charge about two days). I have a rather short attention span when it comes to tech gadgets, am more of a people-person. Need advice/guidance/suggestions on best way to learn to use it and resources when I get stuck. Thanks in advance!

which ever the model is, google blackberry the model name .com and that site will talk u thru the steps how to use it.

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