What is the easiest way to learn VBA for Excel?

I need to learn VBA because it is what we use at our work to parse data from Excel spreadsheets. I have learned so many programming languages in school such as Pascal, BASIC, C and MATLAB. However, it was so long ago and I almost forgot everything. It seems like looking into those books they sell at Borders doesn’t help enough. I would like to start from scratch. All my co-workers are pretty skilled with VBA for Excel and I would like to learn more. How do I start?

The previous answer of using macros is an excellent idea, and is how I learned most of the basics. It is a trick I still use when I don’t want to take the time to look at online resources. If you need more in depth help than you can get by looking at the code generated by the Record Macro function, an good online resource is Google Groups. This is where I honed most of my VBA skills. Most of the tasks you want to accomplish have stumped other people before, so you can just search through the old questions to find something helpful. Once you get the hang of the syntax, all of your previous programming experience should take over.

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