One-to-One Individual, Personalized MS Excel Coaching For You

Get trained Personally with Excel Expert online, at your home or office

Public Class are not for everyone!

If you would rather learn one on one with a trainer, like a personal coach, by your side, as you begin to practice and master the skills, then you are in the right place.

Most topics may need anywhere from 4+ hours. We can arrange for multiple sessions for you.

Simply call or Whatsapp us at +971 582048512 or email us at  and let us know when you wish to start learning.

Get expert in below course :
1) Basic to Intermediate Level Excel  (6 hrs) – 1 day
2) Advanced Excel  (14 hrs)  – 2 days
3) Excel Dashboard (14 hrs) – 2 days
4) Excel Macros Programming – (14 hrs) – 2 days
5) Excel Formulas (7 hrs) – 1 day

OR Just Choose any Individual topic
1) Pivot table (for creating Summary Reports)  –  1 hour
2) Vlookup (Basic to Advanced Level) – 1 hour
3) IF Condition with Multiple Level of IFs – 1 hour
4) SUMIF, SUMIFS & COUNTIF & COUNTIFS Formulas  – 2 hrs
5) Conditional Formatting  – 30 mins
6) Excel Shortcuts – 30 mins
You can choose multiple topics from above OR if topic is not mention let us know the topic which you would like to learn.

This personalized, customized approach has worked for many busy executives, team leaders, Managers, executive directors, CEOs and people in a hurry to just learn what they want, and be able to ask questions on the spot to solve any burning questions.

We charge on an hourly basis for such 1-1 trainings, with a minimum number of hours required to begin the engagement.

Hope this will be of immense use to you!

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